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Billionaire Sayings website privacy policy
Updated on 19/03/2019
The following page is the privacy policy of our website. That means that through the content on this page you will understand how we use the personal data we acquire from our subscribers/users.
Our Policy:
We notify you or any potential user of our offered services that our platform uses cookies and other common methods to note down your information. The information is taken only after the user has provided us with permission to do so.
Each time we update or change any section of the privacy policy you are notified with an update. None of the collected data is shared with any third party. Unless and until we are legally obliged to do us. So you can rest assured that your personal info will remain between us.
The kind of information we collect from our willing clients/users are as follows;
Data that can be used to identify you such as your name, ID, Email, Usernames/Password etc.
Another form of information includes your IP address, the device that you are using, links that you interact with, and adds that you click on, operating system, and sharing habits.
This data is collected and put to make a user ID for all of our users as it makes that much easier for us to provide you with a service that is tailored to your specific taste.
Another form of info that we collect is the location of our users. Your profile data such as Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo depending on how to subscribe to our website. However, that info is never shared with any other user/individual. 
How we collect the data?
One of the primary ways we collect your information is by directly asking for it when we ask you to subscribe to our platform by making an account. Others ways include cookies and automatic collection of data such as IP, device and your language.
Third, we collect info by keeping the kind of commercials you have used or clicked on as a base for guessing what future advertisements you might find attractive and useful.
Protecting your data:
Steps are taken to keep your data in the right hands. Such measures include limited access to all the users’ personal information. Meaning not all of our employs have the clearance to access your data. They are to process the data only in accordance with what the instructions are from us.
Even with that said, we can’t guarantee that there won’t be such as incident. However, we are fully prepared to handle any such issues if they arise within our platform.
Keeping your data:
Your data is kept with us till we are finished with the objective we had collected it for, that can be the improvement of our platform or assessing how a particular user base reacts in response to our services.
For research and study purposes we may strip your data of your identity making it completely anonymous. That is done for the creation of large statistics for the evaluation of our company’s annual progress.
You are in charge of the data we collect as it is your information. So you should know the rights you have. You have the right to withdraw the consent at any point in time as you see fit. You have the right to ask us to delete your personal data and we will oblige. You have the right to ask for corrections of any errors you find in your personal data. You can also demand a copy of the data we have collected. To avail any or all right just contact us through email and or our customer care.
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