Famous Ralph Lauren Quotes and Sayings

Famous Ralph Lauren Quotes and Sayings

It won’t be wrong to say that as soon as we think about famous Fashion and styling brands Ralph Lauren pops up in our mind. Ralph Lauren is a brand without which the fashion industry is incomplete. It is one of the most luxurious and famous fashion brand. It is worn by almost every celebrity. Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand which promises essential lifestyle. Ralph Lauren is the true example of turning rags-to-riches. Keeping him in the mind we start believing in the authenticity of American Dream. An amalgamation of rich American legacy, perfect craftsmanship, eye for detail overall touch focuses across over channels, and extraordinary quality in creating and executing a particular brand universe has furnished Ralph Lauren with a one of a kind personality in the competitive and consistently changing world of style and way of life. Recently, Ralph Lauren designed a wedding dress for famous Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra, and it was a treat to the eyes. The dress translates Ralph Lauren’s capabilities and unique approach to fashion because of which he has achieved this status in the fashion industry. The 75-foot long veil was to die for. After that wedding dress, every girl would dream of getting her dressed designed by him. Ralph Lauren never gave up. He started from turning rags into ties but didn’t lose focus. He is now one of the most renowned designers of this time. In this article there are Famous Ralph Lauren Quotes and saying that you can get inspiration from:

Inspiration Quotes by Ralph Lauren

Considering his success, Ralph Lauren is an inspiration to all the struggling people who want to achieve something valuable in life. 

Below are some Inspiration quotes by Ralph Lauren:

·         This is a beautiful inspiration quote by Ralph Lauren, “Invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Thomas Edison I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.”
·         This one steals the light among Famous Ralph Lauren Quotes and saying, “My wife Ricky is my muse. Her personal style and natural beauty have always been my inspiration.”

·         I am constantly drawing inspiration from everything I see the places I travel, the people I know and the movies I see.


Ralph Lauren Quotes about Quality

Ralph Lauren believes in maintaining the quality of his work, ideas, and material. It is one of the keys to success. Here are some Ralph Lauren quotes about quality:

·         This is a motivating Ralph Lauren quotes about quality, “I have always been drawn to the beauty of things designed to function. Mixing technical pieces with more traditional prints and patterns creates not only a quality experience, but a look that is unique, and for me, very exciting.”
·         Among other Famous Ralph Lauren Quotes and sayings this can be read again and again, “Fashion is a function of lifestyle, and style a function of quality, integrity, and timelessness.”
·         What’s interesting about fashion is it’s a world, and I think that’s what I’ve done – I’ve made a contribution, and I think I’ve built a world. The world is beyond just clothes. Taste and style are beyond clothes. It’s in food; it’s in quality.

Ralph Lauren Quotes on Dreams

Ralph Lauren was a dreamer, which is evident from Ralph Lauren Quotes on Dream. Some are given below:

·         This is an admirable Ralph Lauren quotes on a dream, “People ask how a Jewish kid from the Bronx can do preppy clothes? Does it have to do with class and money? It has to do with dreams.”

·         One of the famous Ralph Lauren Quotes and sayings is, “I don’t design clothes, and I design dreams.”

·         I always had a sense of people and would talk with them. I talk to my doorman. I talk to everybody I work with. I enjoy it. I like being part of real life. I love dreams. I love glamour. I love being invited to high places. But I don’t really care if I go, as long as I’m invited. I get invited to so many things, but I’d rather go have a hamburger or see a movie.


Ralph Lauren Quotes about Cars

Ralph Lauren is also fond of cars. His fondness can be seen through these Ralph Lauren Quotes about cars:

·         This Ralph Lauren Quotes about cars is an interesting one, “As I started to buy cars, I didn’t know that I was building a collection. I just wanted the cars I was dreaming about. Once you drive a good one, it is like having a fever.”

·         I can drive a certain car one day with great pleasure, and the next day I’ll be disappointed that the experience isn’t as good as the day before. These cars have moods that change with the weather, or with the driver’s own moods.

·         Cars are like children: It’s hard to say that any one is more special than the other. There are little things about each car that you come to love, whether it’s the look, the steering wheel, the way it drives, or even the way it drives differently when you put the top up. They all have identities; they have spirits and characteristics that are truly endearing in some way.

These famous Ralph Lauren quotes and sayings give us an insight into his approach to work and pursuing his dreams. 


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